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Evil Kitty Keychain

Evil Kitty Keychain

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Introducing the Evil Kitty Keychain, a formidable self-defense tool crafted from ultra-tough plastic material that is exceptionally difficult to break. Designed for quick and effective use, simply strike and run to deter attackers effectively.


  • Durable Material: Made from ultra-tough plastic that resists breaking under pressure.
  • Compact Size: Measuring 3.2″ x 2.6″, it’s small enough to carry easily yet delivers a powerful blow.
  • Effective Defense: Provides a painful and stunning impact to give you a crucial window of opportunity to escape.
  • Lightweight & Portable: Easy to attach to your keys or carry in your bag, ensuring it’s always within reach.

The Evil Kitty Keychain is your compact yet powerful ally in personal safety, discreetly designed to be both practical and effective.

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