Peace of Mind Guarantee

Hey there! Welcome to our Peace of Mind Guarantee at Meow Defense!

So, if the unthinkable happens (fingers crossed it never does), and your stuff takes a hit during your badass act of self-defense, just shoot us a copy of that police report. We'll hook you up with a FREE replacement, whether it's the exact item or something just as fab if it's out of stock or discontinued.

This sweet deal comes standard with your purchase of pocket knives, defense keychains, pepper spray, and stun guns! Unfortunately, this fantastic offer is only for our lovely U.S. customers shopping on

Getting your replacements is a breeze:

1. Snap a pic of your police report and fire it over with your order name and number through our contact page.

Make sure your police report must include:
- Your full name (gotta match that order, babe).
- When and where the incident went down.
- Deets on the specific weapon you used to defend yourself (you know, the hero stuff).

And, of course, play by the rules to snag that free replacement. Stay fabulous and stay safe, babe! 💋

One replacement per item purchase. Only valid for one year from purchase date.