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Cry Tough Keychain - Blue Set

Cry Tough Keychain - Blue Set

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Introducing the Cry Tough Defense Keychain, a comprehensive self-defense set designed to keep you safe and prepared. This carefully curated set provides all the essential tools you need, without any unnecessary extras.

This set includes:

  • Classic Kitty Keychain: A durable and effective self-defense tool.
  • OC-17 Pepper Spray: Powerful pepper spray for immediate protection.
  • Handmade Jelly Strap with Heart Keyring: Adds a touch of charm and convenience.
  • Bottle Opener: Practical for everyday use.
  • Safety Alarm with LED Light: Battery powered, emits a loud alarm and features an LED light for added security.

The Cry Tough Keychain gives you options and versatility with these specific tools, ensuring you have what you need for personal safety, without the clutter.

as of 7/30/23 BLUE SET comes with White heart <3

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