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Tactical Pepper Gel

Tactical Pepper Gel

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Introducing the Tactical Pepper Gel, a small and concealable military-grade self-defense tool ideal for low-profile officers or personal use.


  • Effective Defense: Fires a nasty defensive system on command at a range of up to 12 feet.
  • Safety Features: Safety Twist Lock prevents accidental discharge.
  • Enhanced Grip: Finger grip enhances your grip and aiming ability.
  • Safer and Effective: Pepper gel resists wind blowback and can be used indoors unlike traditional pepper spray.
  • Compact Design: Measures 3 1/2" tall, 1" diameter.
  • Convenient Carry: Hard case with built-in key ring and belt clip for quick and easy access.

The Tactical Pepper Gel combines safety, effectiveness, and convenience, making it an essential tool for personal protection in various situations.

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