Over $2000 Raised for the DWC

Over $2000 Raised for the DWC

One of the plus sides of purchasing from Meow Defense is that we make monthly donations to our community. MD is more than just a business model where the goal is to earn money. It's also a way to spread awareness of issues I care about that you may care about as well, and what better way to show you care than by donating money or time (if you can spare it). 

2020 was the year that donating publicly started getting more and more popular, and rightfully so because of the magnitude of human rights violations around the world. The coverage of them all was the tool to get more people to express their opinion and show their concern. Last August, after being influenced by other woman-owned businesses in my circle, I decided to publicly donate as well. A percentage of purchases were donated every month to the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles. I felt like the monthly announcements on Instagram (@meowdefenseshop) encourage more people to purchase, donate, and spread awareness of that organization.

From August 2020 to March 2021, we raised a total $2008. Moving forward we are donating to Sacramento Punks with Lunch in order to get self defense tools directly in the hands of the communities who need them the most.


Meow Defense nor E.G. is associated with the DWC. 

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