Sacramento Punks With Lunch Silent Auction!

Sacramento Punks With Lunch Silent Auction!

Before we decided to arrange monthly donations to Sacramento Punks With Lunch, we actually contributed to their silent auction that took place on April 10th to April 11th. It raised over $1500!!

This Silent Fundraising Auction took place in order to:

"- Adding more hand washing stations to our distribution events
- building temporary and semi permanent shade/cooling structures for this summer
- renting a trailer to transport donated wooden pallets to our neighbors
- ingredients and materials for our weekly distribution events
- general costs of operation (gas money, last minute supply orders, reimbursing volunteers)"

Meow Defense donated a safety kit that consisted of a Classic Kitty Keychain, OC-17 Pepper Spray, Stun Gun, and Combo Attack that which also has an emergency glass breaker and seatbelt cutter.


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